Lion Pramod Chander Sapra Feedback as a 2nd Vice District Governor (2013-2014)

Dear Lion Rajesh Bhatia, Many Many Congratulations to you for being designated as a Recognized District Chairperson IT by our District Governor Lion Jagdish Rai Goel (2013-2014). It is a matter of great honor that the website of our District 321-A2 to be selected as the number one website internationally by the lions club international at Germany convention. I really appreciate your effort of collecting lions club’s vital informations about the projects and activities of the District, it is only your dedication that our projects & activities are being recognized all over the world through this website.

I also congratulate DG Lion C.L. Gupta (2012-2013) along with his DG Team and coordinator Lion Virender Singh for this great achievement.

I wish you good luck and you may continue doing such great work in future also.

Jagdish Rai Goel MJF Feedback as the 1st Vice District Governor, July, 2012

Dear Rajesh Bhatia, I am delighted to know that you are going to launch the web site of Lions Clubs International District 321 A2 very shortly. It gives me immense pleasure to appreciate the laudable work done by you along with Lion Verinder Singh Ji. With this great work the Lions & the general public around the world will come to know about the service activities done by the lions of our great district.

Lions are ordinary men, women and young people from all walks of life who bridge religious, political, economic and social boundaries. They are united in their desire to make a difference by contributing their personal time and talents to help other people. Their motto is We Serve. Lions are community volunteers who roll up their sleeves to help young people, elderly, the ailing, the needy and their environment. The prestigious Financial Times in Britain voted Lions the worlds best Non-Government Organization to work with.

Lions respond to their community needs and collectively are involved in a massively diverse range of projects and activities. They have strength in numbers when collectively called on to help with a national or international situation.

As usual, your Web site will incorporate good reading material & will give good coverage to Lionistic activities being carried on in the District. Convey my compliments to one and all who are involved in this great work with you…

Narinder Goel, MJF Feedback as the VDG II, DISTRICT 321-A2, July 2012

It is indeed very heartening that the District website has been launched for the benefit of Lion members of our District. I am confident that the website will go a long way in making all members aware of the activities not only of the District but also of the various Regions, Zones and even the Clubs of Dist. 321 A2.

A significant feature of the website is that all Cabinet members designation and contact adresses will be available at the touch of a button. Not only, the history of Lionism in India but also the details of the establishment of this great organization will be on hand for ready reference.

I know that a lot of hard work has gone in the compilation and posting of all the content and for that I must congratulate Lion Rajesh Bhatia, District Ambassador (IT) for all the effort he has put in designing and presentation of the District website. I know that the website has been enriched by the content writing and editing of Lion Verinder Singh who is always there when required.

I send my good wishes for the success of this enlightening website.

Lion Yashpal Arora MJF Feedback as a District Cabinet Treasurer, July 2012

At the outset I must take this opportunity to acknowledge the vision of our vibrant District Governor Lion Chaman Lal Gupta for initiating the launch of the District Website. It is indeed gratifying to know that the District official website will be on the web soon, which I am sure will prove to be a wonderful platform of communication among the Lions and will be helpful in extending our services in a more effective manner.

I am grateful to our beloved District Governor for entrusting me with the very significant post of District Cabinet Treasurer, and on my part I assure the DG and all our Lion members that I will fulfill the task assigned to me to the best of my ability.

I believe that the District website is going to be a store house of information, and will serve as a ready reckoner for Lions seeking facts, history of Lionism and specific knowledge about the various activities and achievements of the District.

The compilation of the content, editing and uploading it is a Herculean job and I am confident that Lion Rajesh Bhatia, Dist. Ambassador (IT) will provide the District with an excellent website to be proud about. I am confident that the involvement of Lion Verinder Singh in providing and editing the content will go a long way in making the website more informative and presentable.

Once again I congratulate the IT Team for their efforts and in particular the District Governor for coming up with this novel venture.

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